What We Offer

Get the required consultations and Information Technology support needed to drive your business forward. Trust our experienced professionals to properly analyse your business and eliminate delays in your workflow, manage and implement your IT projects, integrate technology solutions into your business, and automate your work processes.

Project and Program Management Services

Got all you need to implement a well-defined IT project including dedicated resources but lack the right person to manage your team on the project making sure every stage is done completed and properly done? First City consulting is here to help!

Whether your project it’s a greenfield project or not, we can provide you with the proper management, labor, and extra hands needed to make your project a success. We have IT professionals who are experienced in system implementations, business /technology integrations and other forms of IT support you might need to make your project a success. We’ll work together with your staff and other service providers to successfully implement your projects making sure that your expectations are duly met.

Change Management

Business transformations can occur in different ways as a result of mergers, new technologies or digital integrations, acquisitions, restructuring, and change in regulations. Although these changes are done to improve the efficiency and quality of service delivery of any business concerning the market conditions, abrupt or unsustainable changes can be catastrophic to the health of the business.
At FirstCity Consulting, we manage changes in your organization by offering a comprehensive approach to transformations to help your various departments achieve a smooth transition with minimal disruption to business processes or revenue generation.

Release Management

Our release management services are designed to help your company manage and supervise the various stages involved in releasing your products into the market. From development to testing and deployment, our professionals will make sure that the integrity of your live environment is protected and the right components of your products are released.
Through the different stages of product development, we’ll provide you with release management support, planning, release build deployment, and many more, training your end-users and operating staff on the best way to handle your new product.

Business Analysis

The first step to any successful project is analysing and properly defining your process design. This is not different when it comes to business processes.
With our team of professionals who are experienced in investigations, documentation, and modeling of organizational software services, we will work with your stakeholders or managers to observe, examine, document, and model your current IT infrastructure for your business processes. We’ll make new recommendations for your software needs, formulate, and communicate a process that will deliver your vision and business goals.

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Process Improvement and automation

Staying relevant, keeping up with the market, and achieving business goals in today’s world of constant technological changes and advancement can be a great challenge. To stay above the competition, you need your organization to be as efficient as possible.
With our Process Improvement and Automation Services, we’ll help your team focus on the most important tasks by automating most of your repetitive business processes. We’ll streamline, transform, and automate your processes and workflows using rich forms and custom apps so you can focus on special tasks. With power apps, data in SharePoint lists, libraries, and many more, we’ll create a whole new digital experience to improve your business processes so your organization can take advantage of new technology enhancements to drive your business growth.

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