Cyber Security

What We Offer

As more businesses fall victim to cybercrimes such as viruses, phishing and loss of sensitive data, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important. We offer a range of cybersecurity solutions that reduce the risk of devastating cyber threats by protecting your organisation’s sensitive data against malicious attacks.

Network Security

With the increasing cases of cyberattacks, every business with an online presence needs to protect its data, information, and all online assets. At FirstCity consulting, we’re poised to provide our clients with the best possible network security protection. You don’t have to rely on traditional antivirus products as they can be bypassed by cybercriminals. Let us do the work, let’s protect your business data, your computer network using a next-generation firewall so you have run your business without fear.
Our network security features;


Affordability featuring best in class network security solutions


Network and data protection combining application security, firewall, intrusion protection, and many more


Constant monitoring via cloud operations


Security solution in multiple layers to avoid penetration of all kinds of cyberattacks


End Point Security

Secure your corporate devices by protecting them from malware attacks and malicious applications using our endpoint security services.
Our endpoint security is designed to take a proactive approach by;


Quickly identifying vulnerabilities in your systems, performing a continuous scan, prioritizing solutions based on business impact.


Providing detection of cyber threats by constantly monitoring your network traffic with unlimited management of your logs as well as cloud operations.


Deescalating attack incidents before they have an impact on your network by quarantining them using a dynamic custom rule engine for real-time issues.

Email Security

Most cyberattacks start with a breach of email security. Statistics has it that 90% of today’s email traffic is malicious, unwanted, or offensive. Spam and breach of email security can cause a lot of harm to your organization, decrease your productivity, open your networks up to legal liability and malware or phishing threats.
FirstCity consultant is proud to provide you with a robust email security service that;

Provides targeted protection for malicious URLs and attachments, spam emails, impersonation attacks, and internal email threats

Secures your messaging with encryptio

Prevents information leaks

Provides you with advanced email signature


Threat Assessment

The aim of conducting a threat assessment is to anticipate disruptions. It is focused on risk appraisal around your system activities to ascertain its preparedness to handle unprecedented security attacks.
At FirstCity consulting, our experts will employ a next-generation firewall to screen key pointers inside your system. We will perform a cybersecurity threat assessment on your system to identify your potential vulnerabilities which will be compiled in a detailed report so you can easily address these threats and mitigate them before they are used against your network.
Our cybersecurity assessments are performed remotely and are not evasive. They require little or no interaction with your staff and we scan your digital space for;


Server configuration issues


Potential vulnerabilities and exploits


Errors in security certificates


Online footprint and public record exposure

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