Who We Are


FirstCity consulting is a product of many years of experience in the information technology industry. We’re a team of experienced professionals committed to providing companies and organizations with efficient and innovative IT solutions, staffing solutions, and consultancy services needed to successfully run their organizational processes.

Our team is made up of young vibrant and agile professionals with great experience in their various fields. We are driven with the same passion, goals, value system, and commitment to providing consulting services to various industries and also help them use technology to stand above the competition and achieve their company goals.


At FirstCity Consulting, each consultant and team member irrespective of their level of service is our greatest asset. Therefore, we’re committed to maintaining a good working environment and providing them with challenging projects supported with rewarded achievements and pathways to professional growth.
We also understand the importance of work/life balance, therefore we ensure that our team members are not overworked thereby staying mentally healthy for even the most challenging tasks.


Our resolve and purpose are to employ innovative ways in helping companies and businesses bring their ideas to life and also help them achieve their business goals in a fast-paced technology environment.


At FirstCity Consulting we understand that while each client-needs differ, certain principles must be applied across projects to achieve success. Hence as a company and a team, we’re guided by these values:


We walk the talk. We’re committed to our promises and fulfilling our services thereby upholding the highest standards of integrity in all our communications and actions.


Our clients are part of the team; therefore, we’ll walk together with you sharing ideas and making decisions every step of the way to deliver exceptional solutions and results.

Commitment to people

We value our clients just like family and as a family, we’re committed to your success. Therefore, we use all our intellectual and physical resources to make sure that we put a permanent smile on your face when the work is done.


The solutions of yesterday will not solve the problems of the future – that’s why we strive to stretch ourselves through seeking continuing education and accepting challenging projects. We are constantly finding opportunities to develop so that we can better serve our clients.

Want to learn how we can help your team? We would love to hear from you!​